Main Street Grille in Putnam, CT
Main Street Grille, 172 Main Street, Putnam, CT
172 Main Street
Putnam, CT

Monday-Friday 6am-2pm
Weekends 6am-1pm
See what some of our happy customers have to say!

“Okay, finally decided to stop here instead of one of our usual breakfast haunts and we were not disappointed. The place is airy, the service good and friendly, and the prices were great (for breakfast–haven’t tried lunch yet but we’ve been told it’s good). They’ve already expanded once and they are expanding again and it looks busy at times. My wife had the ‘Mess,’ which was a big breakfast of eggs, hash, and home fries covered with a light hollandaise sauce. Definitely worth what they charged for it both in taste and quantity. I just had straight eggs and bacon and it was better than I expected. We’ll definitely eat here again now that we’ve tried it.”


Main St Grille really gives you the most bang for your buck when it’s breakfast time. The food is typical of most diners, with a few bonuses thrown in. Sweet potato home fries, personalized mugs for all of the regular customers, and it’s all right in downtown Putnam. It’s no wonder why this place is so busy on weekends.”


Main Street Grille feels like home. It’s cozy atmosphere is well paired with a great and personable staff who, after my first visit, remembered me. I was really excited to find this place and I try to make my going there a weekly thing. So far everything I’ve had has been delicious.

I hope anyone reading this gets as much enjoyment out of the place as I did.”